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AIWFCIY hits #1 (99,240) by Special K from USA
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 05:55)
Wow congratulations Mariah. AIWFCIY returns to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart extending Mariah's reign on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to 85 weeks. Mariah is still breaking records while some of you over here arguing about her voice. Look there will never in life ever be another Mariah Carey. Enjoy this legendary moment like rest of the world outside this message board.
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Team Tanaka (99,239) by Special K from USA
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 05:26)
Mariah and my baby Tanaka spending Christmas together in Apen.
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Hybrid non Christmas/Christmas album (99,238) by T from USA
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 04:22)
I had a thought, what would've it been like it FILAC appeared on Caution in 2018? A studio album with one romantic Christmas song to be able to help sell the album. With Cautions release date being in November she could've segued into the holiday season while not abandoning her current project. A song like FILAC would've fit nicely on Caution and just because the word Christmas appears in the song doesn't take away from the general theme of love. ABBAs new studio album has a Christmas song on it as well.
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Re: AIWFCIY #1 this year? (99,225) (99,237) by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 03:31)
All I Want For Christmas reached to number one spot this week on Billboard Hot 100 dated 25th December. For your information and to others who doesn't know, this number one is for tracking between 10th December (Friday) until 16th December (Thursday). It means Mariah has another chance to be at number one for another week for tracking between 17th December (Friday) until 23rd December (Thursday) because that is the week of Christmas and everyone would be blasting to Christmas music only. So get ready for another week at number one.
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Article: Mariah Carey enjoys a shopping spree in Aspen (99,236) by RibbonB from USA
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 02:44)
Very unflattering outfit. I'm not sure if it's the pants or the shoes, or the whole thing.
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Re: ALWFCIY (99,233) (99,235) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 00:23)
16 million is the estimate sales total including that Big Mac and fries.
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Re: ALWFCIY (99,233) (99,234) by D from USA
(Tuesday 21 December 2021; 00:08)
85 weeks. We are proud lambily. Talk about amazing.
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ALWFCIY (99,233) by RL from USA
(Monday 20 December 2021; 20:13)
With "Christmas", Carey claims her record-extending 85th week at No. 1 on the Hot 100, dating to the chart's August 4, 1958, inception.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,230) (99,232) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 20 December 2021; 16:11)
Why are her vocals so nasal sounding in her head voice in BCPCH remake? I believe MC is suffering from constant sinus infections and allergies. Singing in these high keys is not helping matters either. You can hear the nasal sounding vocals in the ad libs in the FILAC gospel ending. There is something going on with her voice that we don't know. By the way Alicia Keys sounds horrible live now. So, MC is not the only artist having vocal issues.
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Article: The number ones: Mariah Carey's "Emotions" (99,231) by Chicago Lamb from USA
(Monday 20 December 2021; 15:00)
This column is an absolute must read for old lambs, new lambs, and aspiring lambs alike. I'll keep saying it with every MC installment. Young Mariah wanted to be a radio artist. She wanted to hear her songs on the radio. Never did she imagine the blockbuster success she'd accomplish.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,222) (99,230) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 20 December 2021; 14:06)
Justin Bieber's voice broke, that is why he can't sing high notes anymore. He is a male, and traditionally, when a man goes through puberty his voice deepens. So that argument cannot be applied to Mariah. Plenty of female singers have had long, fruitful careers with little to no wear of their vocals. Certainly not to the extent of Mariah's. Let's look at her nearest competitor, Celine Dion. I don't like her music, but her output probably matches Mariah's in terms of tours and album schedules, and she probably lips as much as well. The difference being, Celine's voice has "aged", but in a graceful way. She can still sing well and her voice still sounds pleasant. If you're sitting here and saying Christmas Baby Please Come Home 2021 was a stylistic choice you are kidding yourself. I have sung semi-professionally (demos and backgrounds) since my mid 20s. I'm in my late 30s and don't have to resort to staccato singing as apparently every singer that enters their 30s has to, in your world. That is simply not true.
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (99,219) (99,229) by TheWind from England
(Monday 20 December 2021; 10:06)
With all due respect, do you even know what projecting means? I'm not quite sure you understood my post.
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Re: AIWFCIY #1 this year? (99,225) (99,228) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 20 December 2021; 06:00)
She is finally projected to hit #1 this week. Easy On Me will drop to #3. As per Mariah Now Brazil. She might even get another week on top based on a couple of days pre-Christmas that'll be on next week's tracking.
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Why You Mad (99,227) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 20 December 2021; 02:24)
Does anyone have Why You Mad on 45 RPM vinyl? It was for sale on Ebay two years ago from a seller in England. It was not an official release vinyl record. I lost the bid to someone else. I just know a Lamb on this board bought it.
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Re: AIWFCIY #1 this year? (99,225) (99,226) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 20 December 2021; 02:19)
Mariah Carey Charts on Twitter is predicting that AIWFCIY will take the number #1 spot this week. Let's hope.
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AIWFCIY #1 this year? (99,225) by D from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 23:59)
Does anyone know if the song will reclaim the #1 spot again this year? I can’t find any info.
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Supporting Mariah unconditionally (99,224) by Libra Lamb from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 23:16)
Mariah has always said that she's always been grateful to her fans, supporting her through the good and the bad. She's even gone as far as referring to her fan base as an extension of her family. Therefore I will never come here or on any place on the internet to criticize her and make assumptions or statements that will make her feel any type of way other than appreciated. I am a firm believer that putting bad energy out there will eventually come back to bite us in the behind. And we all know that the people closest to you can hurt you the most. Even though she doesn't know me personally, I know that she appreciates us loyal fans. That's why you won't see me post anything negative or disrespectful about her. Like I've said before, she's as human as you and I and is subject to the same feelings that we are. If you truly want the best from someone, you have to put out good energy out there towards them. I'm not blind to her choices or mistakes, she's not superhuman and she's no longer 20 years old. It takes less effort to be kind than to be mean or "right" about whatever point you're trying to make. Sometimes you just gotta know when to move on.
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Re: Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,216) (99,223) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 21:53)
Ah ok I’m not on twitter.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,203) (99,222) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 19:49)
I have to ask, do you think Justin Bieber should go on Barbra Walters and cry that he can't hit high notes like he did as a kid? People's voices change with time. It's a natural part of aging. In opera, there are singing parts for children up to people in their 60's. A singer can sing their whole life in the opera, but they will be singing different parts throughout their life to match their vocal abilities. The most important part is to constantly develop more vocal skills. Mariah has more skills now than she did when she was in her "prime" as you all like to say. Most of you don't understand vocals. You determine what's "good" based off power and how well you like the tone. As a singer, Mariah wouldn't. In fact, she looks back at her performances and often cringes because she didn't like the way she sang it. I do understand you are a 90's fan, but it's a shame you're mourning her voice as if she can't sing anymore if she's not 26.

I come at this from a different angle. I'm interested in the biology of vocal chords and Mariah Carey's are interesting. Mariah's a rare acuto sfogato soprano. Typically, these singers careers only last 10 years. Constantly singing in the extremes of the vocal chords causes rapid wear and tear. So does singing with a lot of air as whistling does or having nodes. The "super human agility" is a biological factor of thin vocal chords with a lot elasticity. That elasticity begins to wane after a woman hits her early 30's and her voice will drop. Which is why acuto sfogato sopranos will either retire or choose a new vocal style part to fit their vocal abilities.

All vocalists experience this in their early 30's, but it shows up in different ways depending on vocal type. You'll usually notice a lot of singers singing staccato of stop and go rather than holding a note. Proper vocals are harder to maintain as you age. Bad vocal technique can be killer. Look at Adele. She was young when she came out, yet after a couple of albums she needed vocal surgery. That puts new perspective on how strict Mariah was in her regimen to sing as she does and put out that much product over that many years before getting raspy.
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Re: Change (99,195) (99,221) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 18:20)
Yeah exactly what I am talking about. She's been having problems as far back as '94 which you can hear when you play those vocal stems, say "O Holy Night" after the whistle tone, there's a scratching effect going on there.
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Article: Mariah Carey renounces "queen of Christmas" title (99,220) by Geronimo from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 17:30)
We will credit Mariah Carey's act of venerating the Holy Virgin as penance for the sin of endorsing McDonald's. Go now in peace and sin no more.
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (99,215) (99,219) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 17:06)
I think you're doing a lot of projecting. Mariah's been touring like crazy for the past decade. With and without criticisms about the state of her voice. It didn't stop her. So, to say that's the reason she's not touring makes little sense. Anyone who's been a fan of Carey for any length of time knows what a germ phobe she is, which is far more likely the reason. She's also from New York which has one the strictest lockdowns as we speak. If you think she has a problem making money than you clearly didn't notice how much those Apple specials have been raking in worldwide. She will eventually have to tour again, because she's under contract with Live Nation. The only way out of that is if she buys out her contract.

All live footage done by everybody is done multiple times with the best scenes chosen. That's how movies, music videos, and live clips have always been done. It's not a special conspiracy for Mariah, she's always done things this way since the beginning.

You're also making the assumption that her views on her vocals are the same as yours. Mariah's fans are the only ones who expect her voice not to age.
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Re: Interesting thought (99,214) (99,218) by Nikki from usa
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 16:45)
You are aware it's a male dominated business, right? Can you even name an artist who primarily works with females?
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Re: Smoke and mirrors (99,215) (99,217) by T from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 16:01)
Mariah has gained a ton of weight, she's once again not sleeping and then shows up on national tv insecure about her looks. This is crazy. She is so beautiful and could come back looking like a million dollars if she wants. Her voice is gone. She will use the covid tour excuse as her reason to not tour, and I for one agree with her on it. Preserve what little she has left and don't strain it. It was all the touring that did this to her in the first place. And the unhealthy lifestyle. Before every album era she says her voice is in great shape and like lambs being led to slaughter we buy it. She will keep playing this game with us, although my suspicion is that if it turns out to not be true than the fans will not be happy because there is nothing else to hang hope on except the vocal surgeon.
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Re: Cancelled - Mixin With Mimi (99,213) (99,216) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 14:43)
You give your phone number when you sign up for the event. The link is on her Twitter account.
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