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Re: Collaborations (100,438) (100,439) by Victoria from USA
(Monday 13 June 2022; 10:33)
Damn Jake. I'm scared of you.
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Re: Collaborations (100,429) (100,438) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:21)
Caution is a great album, loved by a lot of fans and non-fans alike. It wasn't a hit, but it's one of Mariah's best reviewed albums, ever. So she did a great album, yet you guys want her to do something else. I mean no disrespect, but I really think lambs are out of touch with simple realities. She will not make an 90s type album with those vocal runs, that is just not gonna happen. Her voice is not the same, and she should make songs that fit her current voice. I don't even think she consciously do it. That's just what artists does, she sings with her current vocals, and Caution came out. You want her to do what she does best and not focus on success, but when she does, you want her to go back to the 90s. Who are we to say that is not the art she wants to me? Like who are we to tell her that's not her passion? The truth is, you don't want her to make what she wants. You want her to make what you want and that is music from 30 years ago. You're all seriously living in fantasy land.
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Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,437) by jaker20 from US
(Monday 13 June 2022; 04:08)
"I want to see her do a Lauryn Hill, Prince or Alicia Keys." Lauryn Hill hasn't done an album in 2 decades, Alicia Key's last album was awful and was barely heard by anyone, and Prince is dead.

Collaborations is part of what gets her inspired, she should be encouraged to do it. Her last album only had a few collaborations. But it's a great album, which by the way was not a hit. I think you all are so critical of Mariah. At this point, we should be worried about her making an album, at all, collaborations or not. And Carrie Underwood, seriously? No thanks.
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Jumpsmokers remix album (100,436) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Monday 13 June 2022; 01:12)
The Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony is this coming Thursday. Could MC drop the Jumpsmokers and Angels Advocate remix album the next day on Friday? It kind of makes sense since it was announced this past Friday that it would be released.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,431) (100,435) by Mimi L. from Empower Your Highlighter
(Sunday 12 June 2022; 06:48)
Just to avoid any confusion, it's not Angels Advocate that is being released, it's MC Vs JS which has the Jump smokers remixes. Angels Advocate was the other Memoirs remix album with the urban mixes and collabs, which as of now there is no word on it being released. Quite honestly I would prefer AA over the JS remixes.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,430) (100,434) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 12 June 2022; 00:39)
Hey Bill, sorry worth for late reply. I saw it on @chartMariah on Instagram.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,431) (100,433) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 23:07)
Bill, I had to do my research by typing in Mariah Carey forum. I clicked on Then, I clicked on the post #MC30 Continuation: Jumpsmokers Remix Album. And someone posted a retweet from the 7pm-12am DJ Kensie K on 96.5 where she gave a Mariah Carey exclusive that MC was releasing a remix album with the Jumpsmokers. Kensie K says that her boyfriend is Roman from the Jumpsmokers and that is how she knows.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,430) (100,432) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 21:16)
Yes! When will The Roof with Brandy be released? It should have been released the moment Master class was, but sigh, the boat was missed for big impact.

Angles Advocate is going to be released. Which version, the Jump Smokers or the R&B duets? I love both versions. Looking back on it, MOAIA wasn't at all the commercial disappointment everyone said it was at the time, by 2009/2010 how people consumed music had already changed significantly.
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Re: The Roof with Brandy (100,430) (100,431) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 18:12)
Hi Jamie, where did you see the news about Angels Advocate? Can you share please?
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The Roof with Brandy (100,430) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 14:39)
When is this gonna be available for download? I also saw today that Angels Advocate is finally gonna see the light of day.
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Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,429) by TheWind from England
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 12:58)
I couldn't agree more. The current Mariah is at her best when she just strips it back, doesn't overthink it and just goes with the music and melody. This constant thirst to be current is exhausting and counterproductive. The irony of it all is, if she just stuck to her guns, trusted the simplicity of her process and went with it, she'd get more acclaim and we as fans would be happier, that's for sure. Caution was an example of Mariah chasing current trends, albeit in her own style, but selling the album as not chasing trends, to save face should it not do well. We need no more of that. Get a piano, some strings and get into the studio and do what you do best. Nobody has ever fallen in love with Mariah because of songs like Thirsty, or anything off of Caution. Go back to basics Mimi and give us what we want.
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Re: Collaborations (100,427) (100,428) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 03:24)
MC was never the same after 2001. Recording an album is always overdone with too many collaborations and weird titles. I wish she would take the Carrie Underwood approach to recording albums by keeping it simple and not worry about it being a hit album. Carrie lets her songs and voice represent her creative work. Her new album Denim and Rhinestones is the type of production MC needs on her next album. I wish she would work with Carrie's go to producer at the moment, David Garcia. He really has helped Carrie craft some brilliant songs. Who knows, maybe MC will surprise us this year.
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Collaborations (100,427) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 02:22)
I feel like she goes out of her way for collaborations. Can Mariah just make a Mariah album. I love the relationship she has with her piano players in "backstage" moments. Why can't she write and record an album by herself with only piano, violin and strings? It's not just her wanting rappers that bores me to tears, it's her wanting producers. I want to see her do a Lauryn Hill, Prince or Alicia Keys. On the back cover: Written Produced and Arranged by Mariah Carey. We don't need tidbits about projects that are gonna be disappointing. We need music. We need her genius. I don't want her to slay. I want her to sing. That's all.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,425) (100,426) by D from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 21:49)
Actually I didn't and if [you're] gonna come at me for my opinion on twitter space because it sucks and claim I made it up you probably should get a life. Google it and you can find articles on it and people discussing it from way back on the day decades ago like I said. Some speculations from 2006. Again I am not surprised at a Mariah and Prince song, thank you.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,424) (100,425) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 17:22)
Yeah, you just made that up. First time she said that was on Spaces.

Anyway, I always enjoy when she's on Spaces and find out a little more each time. Have a great weekend!
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,422) (100,424) by D from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 14:20)
It could have been speculations, but I heard decades ago they had an unfinished song for the Glitter soundtrack, so for me I wasn't surprised.
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Article: It costs Mariah $150,000 "just to walk out the house" (100,423) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 06:58)
I listened to this interview and feel this excerpt is slightly out of context. Nick was discussing business and how much he was learning from his marriage to Mariah. She does big international things and he's dealing with big money and acquisitions through their marriage.
I don't think he was describing Mariah walking out to the grocery store. It sounds more like album promo with "security" and "jets". The big money deals she's involved with. Also, James never gifted Mariah a boat. He rented one for her for a week while they were on vacation.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,417) (100,422) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 05:30)
So you knew she had a secret song with Prince before her Spaces?
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Re: Lawsuit (100,409) (100,421) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 04:03)
Lawyers are laughing as this is redefining "frivolous lawsuit". He's not suing for copyright infringement. He's trying to sue for having the same title song and the same "theme". Neither can be copyrighted. Songs with the same title and love song themes have both been around since the dawn of time. This is publicity.
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Re: I think her voice is shot (100,413) (100,420) by Nikki from usa
(Friday 10 June 2022; 03:57)
People like to attribute everything to her vocals, but there's been legal issues in the past. I don't mean lawsuits. Everybody is teaming up these days and that means more channels to go through. Even TGIFY had to be put on hold for the single release because all the artists were in, then their managements had a change of heart and they had to redo things before it was given the green light. Currently, MC had a project with other artists that didn't make deadlines even though it was finished. There's no money in the music biz anymore so now everyone needs things done a certain way. I don't think this has to do with her voice, I think she's got a lot of people involved in this project with their own brands.
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Re: Did Mariah ever work with The Matrix? (100,418) (100,419) by T from USA
(Friday 10 June 2022; 01:17)
I would love a Rarities part 2 with songs that we had no clue even existed.
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Did Mariah ever work with The Matrix? (100,418) by bliss! from .
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 18:15)
I read an article that said Mariah was set to work with The Matrix (production team responsible for some of Avril Lavigne hits) in 2003. Did that ever happen? Also, did she ever work with Korean reggae artist Skull?
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,416) (100,417) by D from USA
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 18:01)
I think it's a sweet way for fans to connect with Mariah. On another note, for me IMO she always sounds like a broken record. She never has information and everything is hush hush and she can't talk about anything. I get it, projects have to be but at the same time it's boring and I would rather her come out when she can discuss actual details on a project and what it means to her.
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Re: Mariah on Twitter spaces (100,414) (100,416) by Lady B from USA
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 16:49)
Was anyone else on? I thought it was fun. That Prince story!
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Curl-Riah (100,415) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 9 June 2022; 00:47)
I'm obsessed with Mimi's new hair in the Black Irish promo video. Gorgeous. Stunning. Big. Bold. Fabulous. How can she not be putting out a new album with hair this perfect? This hair is made for a new album cover and lead single.
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