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Re: Songwriters speech (100,487) (100,489) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 June 2022; 21:56)
Some of you are just absolutely insufferable heartless human beings. That's what you guys are. She's obviously nervous, and that always triggers her anxieties and disorder.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,483) (100,488) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 21:02)
My dad suffered from bipolar, anxiety and depression his whole life. Trust me when I say I've seen it up close too many times. I myself struggle with anxiety, having severe post pardum depression after each of my three kids. I know mental illness. If anything it makes me sad when I see someone struggle.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,485) (100,487) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:30)
I agree with you, but if you're taking your medications or not mixing them with any other substances, these things are usually kept under control.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,482) (100,486) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:26)
Sorry, but Mariah isn't an amateur, she's a professional with enough experience under her skirt to know better. All these justifications sound kind of crazy to me. When you've been waiting for the award most important of your career, you plan things up so everything is perfect. You don't show up to your wedding drunk wearing sneakers, you can do that after. She's given great speeches before for less important awards. She could drink herself into next week after her big moment.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,484) (100,485) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:20)
What is a manic episode in bipolar disorder?

In the manic phase of bipolar disorder, it's common to experience feelings of heightened energy, creativity, and euphoria. If you're experiencing a manic episode, you may talk a mile a minute, sleep very little, and be hyperactive. You may also feel like you're all-powerful, invincible, or destined for greatness.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,478) (100,484) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:17)
Exactly my sentiment. She's talked about being a songwriter first and foremost since times immemorial, yet here she is presented with the most important award of her career and what does she do? She gets into her diva outfit and messes it up. But oh well, let me be delusional and say it was just perfect and we must love it because it's Mariah and that's what fans do.

I hope people understand why she isn't as respected like the other songwriters and less talented divas, it doesn't have anything to do with her music, it has to do with this unlikable character she thinks people love to watch. And not only that, what kind of outfit is that? Was it a boob and fake ass contest. Lord have mercy.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,481) (100,483) by RJJ12 from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:09)
Are people that hateful to not realize that she was obviously having a manic episode while on stage? This is classic bipolar behavior. Mariah has two modes. When she is coherent and taking her meds and they are working, we get speeches like the Billboard one. When her bipolar disorder kicks in, we get the speech she gave at the SWHOF. Please educate yourselves and google manic episode in google for bipolar disorder. Do you all think that this is something that just went away when she was diagnosed in 2001? Are we really judging someone's behavior due to their mental health disorder? So rich coming from "fans" who claim to be educated and faultless. Do better, be better. Stop trolling and judging for thumbs up on a fan board. It's childish and shows some of you are "eternally 12" mentally. Mariah's bipolar. A real medical condition. What is your excuse?
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,479) (100,482) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:58)
Something was off last night with MC. Maybe too many glasses of champagne before the ceremony. She seemed like she had to put on the diva persona when she is in a element she can't control the lighting and how she will be perceived by the audience of her peers. MC's bioplar diagnosis causes her to act this way. It is clear that her dysfunctional family has scarred her real personality severely. She hasn't healed from the hurt that she had endured by her family all of these years.

We didn't know in the early 1990s how hurt MC was inside. It was hard to watch her speech to the end. I almost felt like the laughs at the end of her speech were like the audience was mocking her last comments. We might not ever get another "real" album or tour again. I kind of wished MC was as strong and direct as Monique.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,481) by TheWind from England
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:47)
Incoherent. Missed the mark. Undermined her purpose for being there. It's embarrassing that at her age she is unable to get it together for these events. Aside from her speech, her outfit and hair were awful too. I don't know who is styling her lately, but that outfit was something befitting a real housewives reunion and not a seasoned diva. And to be clear, that isn't a good thing.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,480) by Brad from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:46)
I agree that Mariah's speech could have used some editing, but it wasn't incoherent or really ditzy. To me, it had the feel of the child that shoulders the burden of everything that is wrong in life for years on end and finally the child is given a chance to speak their truth and every bottled up thought and emotion comes pouring out of the child all at once. What her appearance also shows is that we as fans really have zero clues as to what is going on with her in her personal and professional life, as well as her physical and mental health. That is the way it should be, as we each deserve privacy. Clearly, Mariah isn't going to be releasing new music when she is at a rough stage in her own life, as she is now. She has two children to raise (on her own), who are entering difficult years of development and a brand/business to figure out how to sustain, grow, develop and secure for the foreseeable future. The release of new music just isn't a component of that right now as it doesn't pay the bills any longer. But hopefully she is still writing and when she gets to a place where she wants to record and send something out into the universe she will be able to. That just is not right now. For now and always, lets enjoy and relish who she is and what she has given us for so, so long. And we will keep that fire burning.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,479) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:35)
Regrettably I agree. I was looking so forward to this moment, given she has fought to be acknowledged as a songwriter since 1990. To get such a great accolade, probably the most important to her, and show up drunk and be completely incoherent and give some rambling nonsensical speech was such a disappointment. I was actually saddened. This is forever, and how she'll be remembered. She says underneath the diva attitude she's the gifted songwriter etc., but she was almost a parody of herself. Absolutely heart breaking.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,478) by Stacey from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:01)
Yeah, it was messy. Her speech at the Billboard awards, Icon Award, was perfect. I wish she could have channeled that same thought process, saying things like writing songs helped me survive my struggles and helped many of you survive yours, etc.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,477) by Weston from United States
(Friday 17 June 2022; 17:47)
Randy, I have to agree with you It was kind of cringy to watch. She should have left the diva persona at home and kept it serious about her songwriting.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,476) by BFF from United States
(Friday 17 June 2022; 17:47)
It's absurd that a 53-year-old adult behaves like this but then in the next breath complains about "not being taken seriously as a songwriter".
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Songwriters speech (100,475) by Randy from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:47)
It was awful. Incoherent. Ditzy. But you all say I'm negative. What did you all think?
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey to get in Songwriters Hall of Fame (100,473) (100,474) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:39)
My wish for Mariah's next coming years and decades is to be like Paul McCartney, and that is to keep on writing, keep on sharing her gifts, keep writing even for other artists.
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Article: Mariah Carey to get in Songwriters Hall of Fame (100,473) by jaker20 from US
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:20)
This is probably one of Mariah's most important moments more than her other supposedly "major" awards. An event that that will happen quietly but have bigger meaning to her, because this is what separates her craft from all the rest. She's not just a voice, she's an artist.
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Re: Collaborations (100,468) (100,472) by Hpr1902 from China
(Friday 17 June 2022; 13:05)
Ok. And then?
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Michael Buble (100,471) by Todd from Australia
(Friday 17 June 2022; 08:52)
Heard an interview with the Boobs today on the radio here in Australia.

He was asked a question about tours and setlists, to which he responded: "Lets be real, I'm a legacy artist. People want to come and hear songs they know. If I start talking about new songs that I'm writing, nobody is going to give a s**t. All you have to do is look at others in this industry that try that. People stop coming to see you."

Maybe this is why we aren't getting anything new from Mariah - she's come to the same realisation as Michael Buble, and the rest of the world? It ain't a bad thing!
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Congrats Mariah (100,470) by Lady B from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 02:33)
What an incredible, and well deserved, honor.
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Re: Beyoncé album? (100,465) (100,469) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 23:25)
How is this Beyonce album a "surprise album", it's coming out in a month. That just sounds like good marketing and timing in the age of sound bites and short attention spans. Mariah released #Beautiful and then a year and a couple weeks later finally dropped the album; that isn't good timing evening in 2013/2014. Beyonce has always been loved by the media, but Beyonce also knows how to play roles and act in each era (Mariah has never released an album as Bianca, where as Beyonce played the role of Sasha Fierce for years).
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Re: Collaborations (100,463) (100,468) by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 23:20)
This is such an odd discussion; why is Caution not a "Mariah album" according to some, because she's not belting or throwing her voice off every wall? I think it's a stunning Mariah album; songs like Giving Me Life is exactly how I like to hear Mariah use her voice. It's like saying Joanne isn't a Lady Gaga album because it's not Electric dance pop. I don't think Mariah was chasing any trends for charting with Caution, I think she was genuinely recording a sound she enjoys, with fun and vibrant album artwork. The music videos are also beautiful, classy and fun. It felt very Mariah in 2018, and could even be in 2022, the album still feels current.
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Re: Songwriters Hall of Fame website (100,464) (100,467) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 23:04)
Hate to break it to you but Mariah was actually born in 1969. It's only since she was launched that they said she was born in 1970. Probably to make her sound younger. But her official documents say 1969.
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Re: Beyoncé album? (100,465) (100,466) by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 21:42)
Beyonce has been on a different level with the media and the Beehive since she dropped her albums Beyonce and Lemonade. After she released her lackluster album 4, Beyonce took her career to a different level. All of this new hype started a week ago when she removed all of her profile pics from her social media. She does little things like this to get the world wondering what she is plotting next in her career. We only wish MC would step up her game to get the world talking about her next moves. Chat time with the Lambily on Twitter Spaces every three months is not going to do it. She gives us the same spill everytime that she is "working on multiple projects". How long have we been hearing this spill? It has been since March of 2021.
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Beyoncé album? (100,465) by Nicole from US
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 21:17)
So now everybody talking about B and her "surprise" album. How can the media talk about her like that and none won't even give Mimi that same level of anticipation and respect? Or am I wrong to even observe that and it's just me?
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