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Caution is probably better than TEOM (106,578) by jaker20 from US
I think both albums are good for different reasons.

TEOM is a huge creative leap for Mariah. The lyrics are slightly more mature and multi-dimensional. Up until that album, Mariah's album titles were one word, and they were all cohesive as one full era. But on TEOM, Mariah is definitely more free in experimentation and creativity, and she was trying new things, and it shows in the beats of the album, like One and Only, SIO and Say Something. Even Stay the Night does not feel like a traditional Mariah song, but somehow it fits here.

Caution to me is a masterpiece. If Mariah had followed up immediately after its release, it would have set a standard for her. If it had been released after the recent boom of AIWFCIY the reception would have definitely been better. Just like Mariah had a 1990-2004 era, I feel like Caution marks a new era for her too, but unfortunately, she hasn't followed up with a similar path. Here, Mariah is embracing her new voice and being playful with it. The tracks themselves have more genre influences than she's done before, from jazzy pop to EDM, but still recognizably R&B.

For me, there is no way to compare the two, they were very different. I don't think people overpraise it because of its commercial success. It's the other way around. It's a commercial success because it's undeniably a great album that many think it is.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 21:49)
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Caution is probably better than TEOM (106,577) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
How can you say this? [To the floor] is one of her best [danceable] songs, I don't think you are a BFF anymore.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 17:53)
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Caution is probably better than TEOM (106,576) by BFF from United States
I never really warmed to TEOM as an album. As a fan, it feels like we are required to over-praise it simply because it was a commercial comeback for Mariah. It was nice to see songs like "We Belong Together" perform well, but I personally would have left off "One and Only" and "To the Floor". The ballads like "Mine Again", "I Wish You Knew", "Circles", and "Joy Ride", though decent, were lower quality than those recorded during the 1990-2001 period.

"Caution" works better as an album than TEOM but needed maybe one more song on the original track listing (i.e. "Runway"). The final product proves that Mariah can produce a good album in a time crunch.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 16:35)
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Rainbow remix / Rainbow 25 (106,575) by Billy from Greece
I can't wait, it sounds so good. I'm also wishing for a deluxe edition of Rainbow.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 09:25)
Re-release of #1's on vinyl (106,574) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
Well, I have WBT as a vinyl picture disc, and the sound on that is not bad, but that is maybe a different thing? Either way, I want it mostly to just make my Mariah vinyl collection bigger, and since I became a fan in 1997 after she released Butterfly, this was the second new release of a Mariah album I bought, after that I also bought Daydream and borrowed Music Box from a friend (and never turned back ).

I have very fond memories from when #1's was released, I got to know more of Mariah's back catalogue, I think I played it every day for a year, and have always put it on when I can't decide which album of Mariah I want to listen to.

So, I want to by it because #1's means a lot to me, and I think the black and silver vinyls will look great, I can't wait.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 02:02)
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Caution is probably better than TEOM (106,573) by Robert-Anthony from United States
That was my statement after listening to the Caution album and some 2017-2021 voice analysis YouTube videos today. My statement got me thinking after hearing how Lambs in the YouTube comments section just adore Caution. Before Caution, TEOM is a fan favorite post Butterfly. Lambs say that Caution is MC's most critically album and so many just love how MC's musicality just shines on Caution. Fan favorites like Giving Me Life, 8th Grade, and The Distance prove that MC was a bit hard on herself for saying that Caution was rushed. What she produced and delivered was further from the truth what fans would consider a rushed album. How many artists are able to go back and revisit an album track and recreate it into a marvelous world-class dance track? There are not many artists who can or are willing to do that like MC does so effortlessly with her catalogue. It is a great time to be a Lamb. I guess MC won't be able to say that MC16 was rushed. Lol. I am going to put down Mariah book until next weekend. Lol.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 00:59)
Re-release of #1's on vinyl (106,572) by Robert-Anthony from United States
After Sony's last batch of MC's colored vinyl made avaialble in her store, I didn't like the sound quality of those vinyl records. So now I try to buy black vinyl first whenever I can and stay away any colored vinyl variations. Colored vinyl records are usually sold at retailers like Urban Outfitters, Wal-Mart, Target, and Barnes and Nobles as an exclusive to get customers into their stores or onto the website. Colored vinyl has a poor sound quality and does not last as long as black vinyl. Colored vinyl is manufactured below 150g. 150g-180g is the best weight and you tell a difference when you hold the vinyl record in your hand.
(Saturday 1 June 2024; 00:14)
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Re-release of #1's on vinyl (106,571) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
I'm definitely going to buy this reissue of #1's on vinyl, it looks superb.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 22:28)
Finished Rainbow song is coming (106,570) by Jamie from UK
Yes she's confirmed it on Instagram in her replies to people. Sounds so good.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 20:14)
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Finished Rainbow song is coming (106,569) by Robert-Anthony from United States
MC just posted a snippet on X today. Ooh wee y'all. Her vocals and Mary's, Trey's and Charlotte's background vocals are really good. It is on the way like I said it was in June along with Pride merchandise. I have my insider source in NYC. Lol. Check it out.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 19:43)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,568) by Libra Lamb from USA
Wow. There's been a lot of great answers from everyone, some songs I'd never heard of before. I'd also like to see a club mix of Underneath the Stars, I don't know if the one I downloaded like 20 years ago, and have since misplaced, was official but it was pretty good. I'm sure someone out there has it or something similar. Dreamy Club Mix or something like that, I haven't been able to find it since. The much anticipated and speculated Rarities 2 will probably be a mix of old and new like the first Rarities. I'm just glad there's a ton of music in the vault to keep us busy for many years to come. A brand new studio album would be preferred but maybe it's not her priority right now. I don't think we'll see old music videos surface, but I also didn't think we'd ever get an Underneath the Stars music video so you just never know with Mariah. The elusive chanteuse indeed.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 17:05)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,567) by BFF from United States
I would like to hear Mariah's original recordings of songs that other artists ended up recording:

1. "I Lose Control"
2. "Help Me Find A Way to Your Heart"
3. "Someone to Hold"
4. "Always in Love"
5. "Last Chance"
6. "Head Over Heels"
7. "After"
8. "Make You Happy"
9. "Where Are You Christmas?"

I'd also love to have b-sides, international bonus tracks and other odds and ends in one place (i.e. "There for Me", "Right to Dream").

I'd like to hear unreleased songs from the Glitter and MIAM sessions. There seems to be quite a bit of music leftover from this those periods. The "Glitter" sessions really extend from 1997-2001 because she was working on the project at various times throughout that period. And, of course, "Me I Am Mariah" was originally "The Art of Letting Go" and those sessions went from 2011-2014.

I'd also love to hear unreleased material from the debut sessions as well. Ditto for any sessions from 1990-1997 if anything else exists from other albums.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 15:49)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,566) by jaker20 from US
I would like that too. But if it's going to be low-budget with Mariah just be posing, I would rather not. AIWFCIY's video is one of her best. But before that, he last decent video was probably I Stay In Love. It had a concept, a story, and she looked great.

Since then it's been terrible. Remember when they hyped the release of I'll Be Loving You Long Time, and it turns out to be just her posing in a bikini? If #Beautiful had a great video, it would have been a bigger hit because it's one of her best songs ever. Same with H.A.T.E.U.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 02:02)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,565) by Zachariah from Croatia
I would like to see a video for Migrate. And Migrate released as a single. Maybe even some kind of remix. Also, Right To Dream duet with Morgan Wallen. I love him and his writing style. I think they should do a song together.
(Friday 31 May 2024; 00:37)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,564) by Robert-Anthony from United States
I really want to hear Reaching For The Sky.
(Thursday 30 May 2024; 21:54)
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The Rarities 2 expectations (106,563) by Libra Lamb from USA
Hi guys and gals and everyone in-between. What are you most expecting or hoping for on the unconfirmed Rarities 2 project? Myself, I am looking forward to There For Me to be officially released for streaming. It is such an amazing song, worthy of many people's wedding song from what I've read online. At this point I don't know if it belongs in the Rainbow album or the Glitter soundtrack, but whatever, irregardless, it is a fantastic song and the vocal prowess it took to deliver those notes leave me weak at the knees sometimes. Wow. So what song(s) would you like to see the light of day? Happy Friday's Eve. BTW I love the Portrait remixes, in case you missed it.
(Thursday 30 May 2024; 21:49)
Yellow dress at Aruba (106,562) by Joachim Agerup Løkkevik from Norway
Mariah looks amazing in that dress. She has gained some weight again, but she looks healthy, she became a bit too thin during the Christmas shows I think. Now she looks healthy and happy and she moves more naturally and freely and is more relaxed, a joy to see her that well.
(Wednesday 29 May 2024; 18:44)
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Portrait late at night (106,561) by MusicfanJ from Germany
That's true.
(Wednesday 29 May 2024; 15:16)
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Finished Rainbow song is coming (106,560) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Yes, I need another dance remix to workout to. Lol. Also, can you imagine if she made a remix to Languishing as well? The Lambs would be set for the year. Let me X MC right now.
(Tuesday 28 May 2024; 19:29)
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Finished Rainbow song is coming (106,559) by Shezz from Pk
Robert Anthony, I'm pretty sure I read Mariah confirmed the full Rainbow remix in one of her recent interviews. It's part of Rainbow25. David Morales himself confirmed it as well.

Ah I'm sorry I misunderstood your message RA. You were not wondering if there is a finished Rainbow remix, you were wondering if it will be released in the coming weeks as opposed to in November for its anniversary.
(Tuesday 28 May 2024; 16:49)
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Finished Rainbow song is coming (106,558) by Robert-Anthony from United States
I have a strong feeling that the finished Rainbow song is going to be released in late June to celebrate Pride month. Something also tells me that there may be a Rainbow EP to go along with her usually Pride merchandise in her store in June. MC said during a recent interview with RetroPop's Connor Gotto that other things are coming as well to go along with Rainbow and she is looking into whether Angels Advocate can finally be released. Let's keep our fingers crossed because I have been saying all year something big is going to be dropped in her store this year. The interviewer Connor Gotto has to be a Lamb. Only a Lamb would ask MC about Angels Advocate. Lol.
(Tuesday 28 May 2024; 05:36)
Portrait late at night (106,557) by Stacey from USA
Great minds think alike. Those are my favs off Caution too.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 19:36)
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Aruba concert (106,556) by Brandon from USA
What’s up with her looking tired and uninterested during these concerts? Why perform if she has lost the desire to be on stage? Her energy is on zero. What else is she doing that’s causing her to look exhausted and not give anything? Are her meds causing her to to be sluggish? I wish she would come out and let us know what’s going on so we can be more understanding to her condition.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 18:54)
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Made For Me (remix) (106,555) by Robert-Anthony from United States
Guess who is #1 now on iTunes? Sza's new song Saturn has dethroned MFM. MC and Muni hold the #2 and #3 spots.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 18:25)
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Made For Me/Make You Happy mash-up (106,554) by Robert-Anthony from United States
We need someone to do a mash-up of these two songs. I had forgotten all about Make You Happy until it randomly played on my workout playlist.
(Monday 27 May 2024; 18:22)


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